• Greek Mythology: The Trojan War


    For age:13-100

    Play as a god or mortal and single-handedly end the war!

  • Hamlet: Dilemmas abound


    For age:12-100

    Shakespeare's play Hamlet ended in tragedy, partly due to the protagonist's indecisiveness. How would you choose in Hamlet's place? Would you live or die? Take revenge or not? Act now or later? Or, perhaps you'd arrive at the same fate as the doomed prince once again. (Based on Shakespeare)

  • Arsenal of Automatons


    For age:15-100

    When Clayton was created, he had no idea what his craftsman had in store. However, as time went on, the truth behind his conception became disturbingly clear.

  • Metamorphosis


    For age:15-100

    A science-fiction horror game originally hosted on chooseyourstory.com

  • Faerie Quest


    For age:12-100

    In a world populated entirely by magical creatures, an ordinary fairy seeks to become a powerful Faerie through any means necessary.

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