• Hamlet: Dilemmas abound


    For age:12-100

    Shakespeare's play Hamlet ended in tragedy, partly due to the protagonist's indecisiveness. How would you choose in Hamlet's place? Would you live or die? Take revenge or not? Act now or later? Or, perhaps you'd arrive at the same fate as the doomed prince once again. (Based on Shakespeare)

  • Survive the woods


    For age:10-99

    This story is based on the Brothers Grimm story Hansel and Gretel

  • The Rose and the Crown

    Author:Scipio Smith 

    For age:15-100

    Navigate the difficulties of marriage and the intrigues that swirl about as you explore Cinderella's life after the glass slipper.

  • Greek Mythology: The Trojan War


    For age:13-100

    Play as a god or mortal and single-handedly end the war!

  • How Will You End the World?


    For age:18-100

    As the god of fate, you know more than anyone that to try and change your fate is a hard battle. And your fate is a very serious one. You are the destined to be the one who destroys this world. But will you fight your destiny...or let it run its course? As of now, not beta-checked or anything. The end result will be much more than this, and very much changed. There will be a little cussing, descriptions of blood, and one ending will be a little gory etc.

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