• Goddess Only Knows

    Author:Charles Eyler 

    For age:1-100

    It's a generic RPG game! Hero, the Goddess has been imprisoned by a demonic deity named Shadowmort! So here's a sword, now go talk to all the peasants and beat that boss!

  • Starlight


    For age:18-100

    The Battle of Hogwarts has ended, and neither side emerges victorious. Voldemort and Harry both live, though injured. Follow each hero/heroine throughout their stories and choose their paths, leading ultimately to the resurgence or downfall of good altogether.

  • ASOIAF: Snakes in the East

    Author:Scipio Smith 

    For age:18-100

    Take your pick as one of the fearsome Sand Snakes as you join your father on a dangerous voyage eastwards to find Danaerys Targaryen and bring back vengeance, justice, Fire and Blood to Dorne

  • Faerie Quest


    For age:12-100

    In a world populated entirely by magical creatures, an ordinary fairy seeks to become a powerful Faerie through any means necessary.

  • Calypso


    For age:16-100

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