• Starlight


    For age:18-100

    The Battle of Hogwarts has ended, and neither side emerges victorious. Voldemort and Harry both live, though injured. Follow each hero/heroine throughout their stories and choose their paths, leading ultimately to the resurgence or downfall of good altogether.

  • How Will You End the World?


    For age:18-100

    As the god of fate, you know more than anyone that to try and change your fate is a hard battle. And your fate is a very serious one. You are the destined to be the one who destroys this world. But will you fight your destiny...or let it run its course? As of now, not beta-checked or anything. The end result will be much more than this, and very much changed. There will be a little cussing, descriptions of blood, and one ending will be a little gory etc.

  • ASOIAF: Snakes in the East

    Author:Scipio Smith 

    For age:18-100

    Take your pick as one of the fearsome Sand Snakes as you join your father on a dangerous voyage eastwards to find Danaerys Targaryen and bring back vengeance, justice, Fire and Blood to Dorne

  • Faerie Quest


    For age:12-100

    In a world populated entirely by magical creatures, an ordinary fairy seeks to become a powerful Faerie through any means necessary.

  • Calypso


    For age:16-100

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