• The Rose and the Crown
  • Author:Scipio Smith
  • Category: Fairy tales/Fables--Others
  • For age: 15-100
  • Update time: 2017.09.10
  • Story status: In progress
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You look away. "I am afraid that it must remain confusing for a little. I'm afraid..." You are afraid he would think you mad if you told him it w...

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Story summary

Navigate the difficulties of marriage and the intrigues that swirl about as you explore Cinderella's life after the glass slipper....

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Other story stats

Number of rooms: 11

Number of levels: 8

Number of endings: 2

Storylines in progress: 9

Word count: 5693

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Readers' reviews(3)

  • 2017-11-11 00:40:18

    It was alright considering that the game was unfinished. :p

  • epsi10n 2017-09-10 22:32:56

    I came running to the internet when I saw your update. Love the suspense in this chapter! I think at the end of this page there are two "her"s that should be replaced with "you" though

  • B_ 2017-08-31 02:33:17

    This looks awesome! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the story. Also curious how this version of Lady Tremaine would react if Cinderella forgives them. Gruffly shake her off? Or maybe actually get a bit emotional? Hmm...

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