• How Will You End the World?
  • Author:Seto
  • Category: Fantasy--Misc
  • For age: 18-100
  • Update time: 2017.09.07
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It was a tree. Meanwhile, you were the god of fate. The very thing that had willed this world into existing and everything else into creation.

This tree owed its life to you, so it should feel honored to have sheltered you, and honored that you were the one to kill it.

Mercilessly, yo...

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Story summary

As the god of fate, you know more than anyone that to try and change your fate is a hard battle. And your fate is a very serious one. You are the destined to be the one who destroys this world. Bu...

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  • B_ 2017-09-06 08:48:10

    Ooh nice! I like this premise~

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