• Greek Mythology: The Trojan War
  • Author:B_
  • Category: Mythology--Greek Myth
  • For age: 13-100
  • Update time: 2017.08.20
  • Story status: In progress
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This one's harder to arrange, but you'll manage. 

Tonight, you sneak into Troy's palace in a maid's disguise, and persuade Helen that it'll bring their army good luck if the men are able to see who they're fighting for. The next morning, you pose as a young Greek soldier and run to Aga...

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Story summary

Play as a god or mortal and single-handedly end the war!...

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Number of rooms: 16

Number of levels: 6

Number of endings: 2

Storylines in progress: 19

Word count: 2981

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  • AngelaGlass 2017-07-24 12:18:11

    Eros sounds like a rebellious teen while Hades sounds like a grumpy grandpa :P

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