• Hamlet: Dilemmas abound
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  • Update time: 2017.10.06
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"I think Lord Polonius has been murdered," you whisper mercilessly. "I would not know if it is possible for a man in good health to pass away due to natural causes in the middle of the night, but is it not far more likely that someone wished him out of the way? After all, it would not be the firs...

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Story summary

Shakespeare's play Hamlet ended in tragedy, partly due to the protagonist's indecisiveness. How would you choose in Hamlet's place? Would you live or die? Take revenge or not? Act now or later? Or...

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Number of rooms: 32

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  • kent 2017-04-15 13:03:27

    Thanks for showing this site in fan fiction in your story Hope to follow Hamlet and maybe he can do better than Shakespeare wrote him.

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