It was a tree. Meanwhile, you were the god of fate. The very thing that had willed this world into existing and everything else into creation.

This tree owed its life to you, so it should feel honored to have sheltered you, and honored that you were the one to kill it.

Mercilessly, you rip apart the tree. When you emerged, you were covered with blood and your muscles ached. You needed to rest before you went out to first of, find out why you were so powerless. You sat down.

Looking around, you notice you are in a sparse forest. The trees were definitely tall, but they were also spaced quite a distance away from each other. The ground you sat on was hard, not dirt but concrete.

Suddenly, you heard a loud roar, then a human sped by on what from your dreams you knew as a "motorcycle".

"Get out of the fucking street," he screamed at you as he passed by.

You watched as he went around a bend.

Maybe you could walk along this street? Or perhaps you can wait for another person to pass, and get some information?

Or you could track down that asshole that had shouted at you, and exact your godly vengeance.

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