"I think Lord Polonius has been murdered," you whisper mercilessly. "I would not know if it is possible for a man in good health to pass away due to natural causes in the middle of the night, but is it not far more likely that someone wished him out of the way? After all, it would not be the first time ..."

"Not the first time? How, my lord?"

"Lord Laertes," for Laertes is also a lord now, "do you remember how my father died months before, and word was given out that he died of natural causes, forcing his grieving brother to take the throne in his place?"

"A snakebite, yes, but what does that have to do with this?"

"Imagine my surprise when my father's ghost rose out of the ground to tell me that the 'snake' that bit him is actually my uncle Claudius, who poured poison in his ear to win his crown and wife!" You exclaim, and let a note of real passion seep into your voice, "I did not trust apparitions from hell, of course, especially since it would only speak to me alone. And although I watched my uncle carefully these past months, I couldn't find anything incriminating! But then your father chose that play and swapped the murder weapon with poison in the ear, and Claudius responded by shutting himself in his chamber, and now your father is dead... Well, I can't help but wonder if he knew."

"Zounds, he must have!" Laertes gives the horse a sharp whip, sending the carriage into a jolt, "My father is - was the king's advisor, and he served faithfully all his life. And he made it his business to know things too! If anybody would know, it would've been him!"

"And did you mark how Claudius paled when Lucien brought out the poison, and how he bolted from the room as if the hounds of hell were after him?" You push. "And how he didn't even stop to answer when Lord Polonius asked him if he was well?"

You watch Laertes slowly arrange the facts to fit his understanding of the world and his father. "Yes! My father was a loyal man, but he was also a honourable man. He could not stand aside and let injustice pass unnoticed, but he could not bring himself to betray his king either. So he arranged the play... in hopes that others may note the King's face and look into the matter themselves!"

"Then your father was a clever man, bound by duty but spurred by honour and conscience!" You tell him. "He was a martyr who gave his life so that we could know the truth."

"Too true! And the old coward rewarded his loyalty by murdering him and then sullying his funeral with crocodile's tears!" Yells Laertes angrily. His temper has always been quick to ignite, and now you've stroked it into a veritable inferno. "Please Lord Hamlet, let us have our revenge. Claudius must reap what he sows!"

"We shall," you smile darkly, and promise your new accomplice in a whisper no louder than Ophelia's broken sobs, "we shall."


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